Drainage Experts

We can fix your drainage issue

If you have discovered an issue with your drainage through your residential property, whether it is a brand new dwelling or an older home we can fix it for you.

If your drainage has not been installed correctly it can cause severe structural damage to your home. We use the latest mobile camera technology so we can efficiently and effectively find your drainage issue before it gets worse.

The damage to your drains includes:

  • Cracks
  • Splits
  • Deterioration in your pipes

Drainage issues can be caused by several reasons including, deterioration of the pipes, wrong sized fittings or sometimes, unfortunately poor workmanship. We will find the best solution for your home. Our team of professionals will work with you to understand and be considerate of your specific situation that includes minimal disruption to you and your family. We will find the best solution for you that will offer long term peace of mind.

Our no dig investigations offer a non-invasive method to source the issue. In order to understand the full impact of damage to your drainage issue we use a camera expert to create a full drainage map of your house. This will allow us to understand the intricate reticulation and design of your home’s drainage system, this will give us the best opportunity to design a solution that will prevent any further issues.

Pre Slab Drainage design

We will design the full drainage system for your build. Using our drone technology, we can analyse the aerial views to highlight all the needs the build will attract:

  • Stormwater systems
  • Drainage systems
  • Pre-slab sewer
  • Retention systems

We will create the most effective reticulation for your building project.

Words From Past Clients

Aqueous Motion is our go to for Plumbing works. The directors Matt and Rachel are easily accessible and they are excellent at administration and paperwork.  We are able to ring and discuss any part of the job if need be, and that’s a real bonus for us. The team respond quickly and are innovative with their ideas and solutions. They have come straight on board with our online communication system TRELLO.  The best thing is our Clients get a real kick out of seeing the aerial images of their property and underground works. The relationship with them as really added value to us.

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