About Us

About Us

We're different to other Plumbing and Earth Moving contractors in Melbourne.

We see art in joining pipe and we think before we dig!

We like to get our brains into gear before we start our engines. Our team are experienced, reliable and ready to get the job done. CEO Matt has an eye for style and design and believes there is art in plumbing - it's not just about slapping pipes together.

You can rely on the team at Aqueous Motion

You'll find out team respectful, friendly and courteous at your building site.

We guarantee to arrive on site with the right equipment and a plan for how best to tackle the job.

This ensures all excavation and underground plumbing jobs are completed quickly and smoothly so you can continue with the rest of the building project.

And we’ll leave the site neat, clean and tidy for the next stage of construction.

It’s all part of our ‘can-do’ attitude and professional approach to our work.

Our Team

Matt Baker, CEO

Matt Baker, CEO

Matt is a qualified plumber who made the switch to earthmoving when he and Rachel started Aqueous Motion Pty Ltd in 2008. Matt's plumbing background makes him a standout operator for plumbing, waste water or storm water excavations. He has an eye for detail and prides himself on his finished work, no matter the job.

Rachel Baker, General Manager

Rachel Baker, General Manager

Rachel is one of the few working mums in Australia who also owns an excavating machine operator's licence. She has Office Management and Graphic Design qualifications and is our office manager, maintenance manager , client relationship manager and marketing specialist.

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Find out what a "can do company" like Aqueous Motion can do to help you get your project off to a good start by delivering on time and cost competitive earth moving services. Call us on 03 9884 8349 or contact us. Send us some plans, we would love to provide you with a quote.