Excavation & Earthmoving Contractors Melbourne

Excavation & Earthmoving Contractors Melbourne

Site excavation and site clearing experts

Our team of earth moving specialists can prepare your site for new homes, retaining walls, basements, driveways and all types of Melbourne building projects.

Earth moving is more than just shifting dirt around; it is the very beginning of most jobs in a building construction.

Aqueous Motion are excavation specialists. Whether you're a homeowner building your new home or a builder managing a construction project, we've got the skills and machinery to thoroughly prepare your site for building.


We can complete all your earth work and excavation requirements, including:

Site cleans and cuts 
Footing excavation 
Pier holes (350, 450, 600 Augars)
Spreading material (topsoil, bark, etc)
Final finish
Soil removal
Builders/rubbish waste removal
Drone aerial photography

Our experienced excavation operator is an earth moving specialist, versatile enough to deal with any kind of soil condition Melbourne has to offer - wet, dry, soft or hard, and in almost any kind of weather. Our excavator or skid steer loader can handle it all.

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